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List of My Most Viewed Videos on Fracking

Vera Scroggins - Citizens for Clean Water

I’ve documented fracking/gas drilling in my home county of Susquehanna County, Pa.,

since 2009 and have over five hundred videos concerning this issue in my County.

Can see all my videos on Fracking in my County at:

Here is a list of the most viewed of my videos.

Fracking Phase Happening on this Site on the Oliver Property:

next video highly viewed:

Line of Sand Trucks during Fracking Phase in Dimock, Pa. on the Wood Property:

Gas Compressor Station on Fire After Gas Leak and Explosion:

Fracking Phase at Night on Country Road:

Water Well Contaminated in Dimock, Pa. from Gas Drilling:

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‘Pointlessly cruel’ sanctions regime must be reassessed, says Commons Select Committee

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A protest in Kentish Town, north-west London, against benefit cuts and sanctions. The Work and Pensions Committee has published a report this month regarding the findings of an ongoing inquiry into welfare conditionality and sanctions. 

The Committee says in the report:“Of all the evidence we received, none was more compelling than that against the imposition of conditionality and sanctions on people with a disability or health condition. It does not work.

“Worse, it is harmful and counterproductive. We recommend that the Government immediately stop imposing conditionality and sanctions on anyone found to have limited capability for work, or who presents a valid doctor’s note (Fit Note) stating that they are unable to work, including those who present such a note while waiting for a Work Capability Assessment. Instead, it should work with experts to develop a programme of voluntary employment support.” 

The report concludes that “The human cost of continuing to apply the existing regime of benefit sanctions – the ‘only…

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